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To download Pathways, please go to this form, or click the button below, and enter your details. You will then be directed to the downloads page. Please note the information we store will be treated confidentially, will not be shared with any third party, and you can request deletion at any time (via This information is collected so we can notify you of updates, and understand better how the software is being used. The application itself does not store user data or send information out of your computer.

Please visit the Pathways YouTube channel for introductory videos on how to get started.

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Pathways is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share-Alike 4.0 International License (CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0).

Further information is available here about Pew's work on Preventing Ocean Plastics. Further details about the software and its context are available within the help pages of the application (see 'About Pathways'). For feedback and comments, please email: